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Friday, March 12, 2021

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Michael Kaye, the Global Communications Manager for the dating site OkCupid, says romantic get-togethers didn't disappear during the pandemic, they just moved online. But as many have realized while working remotely, Kaye says dating remotely can get stale quickly. But regardless of the activity, the move toward digital dating does present some unique risks. Campbell says it's important to be mindful about sharing your address or your birthday with a new person. And if you're thinking about setting up a date over Zoom, make sure to keep the meeting password generic.

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Online dating evolves to meet the new pandemic reality

Now more than ever, connecting and communicating is of vital importance. Meeting up for a coffee is a first date favourite, giving you the opportunity to have a brief one-to-one without the pressure of signing up to spending hours together. Using a video calling app such as Whatsapp or Facetime you can sit down together with a cuppa and have a nice chinwag. The Google Chrome extension Netflix Party makes streaming together easy by syncing playback and giving you the option to add a chat window. A love for classical music is, of course, what brought you to Classic FM Romance in the first place.
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